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Tablet View of Scherzo on


Scherzo's author, Leon Paternoster, is a star of the responsive theme world! Scherzo theme is his masterwork. Scherzo was the first (and a lonely) responsive theme in the themes database for a long time. As Mr. Paternoster says, Scherzo is "a gentleman to your readers with less capable devices. It lets them get on with reading!" Exclamation is mine. Reading . . . A site which makes reading easier is a foreign concept anymore! This is what I appeciate about Scherzo. As far as speed - the main goal of capturing mobile traffic! - another quote from Scherzo's description site says it all:

  • Scherzo keeps things simple
  • No fancy effects
  • no fancy menus
  • no fancy animations
  • Just solid, lightweight HTML and
  • solid, lightweight CSS
  • And no javascript to slow down your website!
  • beautiful, large Georgia font
  • no tiny, scratchy fonts
  • no murky colour schemes
Scherzo is the bomb! Here are a couple views of Scherzo Professional:
Tablet View - no horizontal scrolling! Notice - even though Leon said, "no fancy menu," on rollover a background color appears, and there are child menu items which create a drop-down menu.
Tablet View of Scherzo on with Yellow menu featured
Phone View - notice the cute menu graphic in the upper left:
iPhone 5 view of using Scherzo Professional theme  
There is a free version still available on - I made my first responsive theme with it! View it here:

At the top of the phone view, a quick link to the menu appears, so the line was changed to a, "Choose phone" link.
close-up of menu  
The menu - or phone! - choices load smoothly to the top.
Here is the free version, tweaked by my artist:

It shows, even the free version, you can do alot with it!


Talk about free responsive themes, why not explore the "themes" category on, by typing in, "responsive," into the search bar? Not all results are truly responsive, but they're being uploaded practically by the day, and you can find some jewels on there! This is my idea of fun, there are some cool ideas being laid down by the bleeding edge pioneers of responsive design! :)


Sherzo is one of the best. It is customizable in the design aspect, and also Mr. Paternoster kindly added some widgets so that the sidebars for singles posts, for instance, can display a different set of widgets than the homepage! I am going to experiment with that by putting some ad code that will change based on the topic of the post!