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Fine and Free

Sampression Lite is a jewel of a non-glitchy template, which license is unlimited. Please keep the link credit in the footer!


Here is Desktop view of Sampression theme on, because it is one of my more developed sites:
thumbnail of Sampression Lite Theme
You can see the articles are truncated, and that Sampression has an optimal image size which will show up on the featured images better. Just the first line of menu appears on page load:
close-up of menu
If you want the full menu, there is a toggle link on the left, which allows you to expand!
menu expandedThe neat thing about the menu or "filter," is, checking one of the other menu items than "Show All," deselects, "Show All." Then only those posts which refer to the category appear, along with the child posts. That's the "filter" aspect. Wow! Neat feature: the menu or "filter," as it's called by the theme creator, floats on top, while the rest of the site scrolls down!floating menu bar
View on the iPhone using

View on Android, c/o HowtoGoMo:

The Floating menu works on the iPhone:
↑ Notice the "Go to Top" tab on the left bottom, above . . . very convenient! It appears on the tablet view, and on the desktop view, but at the right on desktop.
↓ View of pull-down menu ↓


More dual screen phone announcements since I began this review, so updated By tweaking the headlines to include only TWO (2) lines each, it made the articles, which look tacked onto a bulletin board, more even and neat-looking - at least for the first two rows. Stripping the menu from the header and replacing it with introductory text forces more text to the top of the document. Also, I increased the image size to 220 X 220 pixels on the css file.


Sampression is a professional-looking theme with lots of amazing features - not the least of it is the floating tab which sends you back to the top on any screen where you scroll down so you lose the header from view! After increasing the image size to 220 X 220 pixels in the css file, and limiting the article headline, so that it takes up only two lines on the homepage, the template is even MORE sleek and expensive-looking!