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Example of Initializr on desktop at Resonsive Web Design Examples .com TMInitializr is one of the results, if you search for HTML5 Boilerplate template. is built on Initializr. I asked my host - Fluidhosting - to install it. Maybe that's one of the best investments you can make in your development projects: choose a good host before you get started! The guys at Fluidhosting live to solve problems. Check them on! BTW, Web Hosting Talk is the goto place to research a regsitrar and host, BEFORE you get started building an online business! Web Hosting Talk is free to read, and you have to post five times before you're allowed to post. Web Hosting Talk qualifies you first!

There isn't much to installing Initializr. You create folders, and put the files they way they look in the zip folder! Initializr is a cool theme that is plain html, instead of wordpress. Read about features on the Initializr homepage: → ←I made my first HTML5 theme here. I'm sharing at no charge; not holding back. Please respect my color choice, and don't duplicate it in your Initializr page, though you will likely change from the hideous orange!

Choose YOUR OWN colors! That's all I ask.

iPhone 5 View:

↑ Notice the title - Responsive Web Design Examples - is just long enough to fold neatly in two! You'll have to watch how your text title displays on the phone!
↓ Tablet Portrait View
Initializr with overflow hidden in tablet view
Tada! No sideways scrolling! I put up with it on one theme, onSampression on DualScreenPhones. The Sampression demo has some sideways scrolling ONLY in the portrait tablet view. It's a tradeoff I'll take, since Sampression offers so many nice features!


If you want to know, there is a whole psychology about colors. Choosing the right ones influences the mood of the viewer - which do you want to choose? Check out this wikipedia color chart:
some colors to choose from


Initializr is one-of-a-kind resonsive template for HTML5. Thank you, Jonathan Verrecchia in France! Where are all the static resonsive html templates? I want to explore single-page creation.