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Aaaaah Ari!

Ellen und Manuel, we you! Two web designers; WordPress developers, and bloggers from Germany!


Example of Ari on desktop at Resonsive TV .com TMOffered at General Public License at no charge is Ari theme - one of the best and the original! I like it, because there is a little place for text in the left sidebar which appears near the top of the code, so I take advantage and write something original, to "feed the G-monster." Read about features on the Ari homepage: → ←. Ari is ready to go! There is no tweaking necessary to get a good-looking page - the title shows up in green letters at the top, which is good for the G-monster, and you can put a square logo or avatar in a text box widget, along with your text, for the left sidebar. The left sidebar appears at the top in the phone view
responsive theme Ari on - check out the iPhone 5 view!   Ari responsive website theme on TM

On the portrait view of the tablet, the right sidebar drops off - curls to the bottom, while the left sidebar with title and logo stays. Look, ma! No sideways scrolling!

Nice Desktop view of

↓ On desktop and landscape view of tablet, BOTH the right sidebar and center blog posts scroll down. The left sidebar with title and logo stays staionary.

It is still there, but meta in the right sidebar scrolled out of view, above. ↑

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© 2013 Tablet Hybrid ™. Theme: Ari by Elmastudio

Elma Studio

Elma Studio is a source of joy, of demoing a gallery of world class inventive premium responsive themes, which are for sale for a one-time fee each theme, for unlimited websites. And Elma & Manual released two of their best as themes free under General Public License.